Malay Chamber of Commerce keeps eye on primary objective

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THE Brunei Malay Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BMCCI) is encouraging more young professionals to be a part of the organisation.

Dr Hj Kamaruddin DSP Hj Talip, chairman of BMCCI, said the organisation hopes to further promote entrepreneurship in the country and therefore welcomed the recruitment of new members that can provide both constructive feedback and fresh ideas.

He said this during the 46th annual grand meeting of BMCCI held at Rizqun International Hotel, Gadong.

“We welcome the existing members of BMCCI to contribute their ideas and suggestions to help us reach our goals and we also invite the younger generation to join this organisation to assist in setting and achieving new goals,” he said.

BMCCI Director Hj Razali Hj Johari said that although the organisation has been set up for 51 years, it has yet to achieve its main goal of making the Malay community the leaders in commerce and industry in Brunei.

“Since the establishment of BMCCI, we have not been the leaders of commerce and industry in our own country. As I step down from my position in this organisation, my wish is for the existing members to strive towards the initial goal,” he said.

Despite highlighting the difficulty that BMCCI faces in trying to achieve its main objective, he also spoke to the media of the achievements of the organisation through the years.

“We have succeeded in getting the government to waive a requirement to secure a bank guarantee for small businesses that seek to obtain licences,” he said.

The organisation was also able to obtain a larger budget to facilitate the needs of local businesses that require help.

“Five years ago, the organisation was only allocated $1.5 million by the government to help businesses. We had to speak out that this was not enough. _Alhamdulillah, _the government heard our voice and have we have now been allocated with $5 million dollars,” he said.

Also present at the 46th annual grand meeting were Vice presidents Dr Pengiran Hj Amir Yusoff Pengiran Hj Abbas and Hj Ismail Hj Yusof, and other members of BMCCI.

The existing committee members of BMCCI will be stepping down with the new committee members yet to be announced.

The Brunei Times