IRK teachers reminded to practise self-control during Ramadhan

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ISLAMIC Religious Knowledge (IRK) teachers were reminded yesterday to practice self-control and make the most out of the holy month of Ramadhan.

Delivering a talk during a Tahlil and Doa Arwah ceremony yesterday at the Pengiran Anak Puteri Mutawakkilah Hayatul Bolkiah Religious School, Ustaz Isham Ismail from the Islamic Da’wah Centre said that Ramadhan is the only month in a year where there are no distractions.

“During Ramadhan, the gates of hell are closed, the gates of paradise are opened and the devils are in chains,” he said.

“This means that we will have no distractions performing our obligatory duties. But why do we still tend to buy more than what we need?” he said, adding, “This is one of tests that we are given. Therefore we have to practice self-control.”

Ustaz Isham Ismail also urged the teachers to change their mindset before the month of Ramadhan by ensuring not to repeat past mistakes.

“We must also make the most out of the Holy month and not just merely fast for the sake of it because we don’t know if we will be able to experience it again the next year.”

The talk was then followed by the recitation of Surah Yassin, Tahlil and Doa Arwah by Hj Abas Yusop, head religious teacher from Bakti Dewa School Jerudong and Hj Kamal Hj Abu Hassan, head religious teacher from Nusa Laila Puteri Secondary School.

The ceremony then concluded with a Doa Selamat recited by Hj Md Hairol Haimi Hj Usop, head religious teacher from Chung Hwa school.

The religious event was attended by 100 IRK teachers from private schools around the country.

Present as the guest of honour wasHjh Sarimah Hj Ahmad, the Head of the IRK Section, Islamic Studies Department, Ministry of Religious Affairs.

The Brunei Times