Man charged with raping daughter remanded

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THE Magistrates’ Court yesterday ordered a 41-year-old man to be remanded after the defendant was charged with the rape of his 20-year-old daughter.

The court document submitted by prosecuting officer Shamsuddin Hj Kamaluddin stated that the alleged rape incident occurred on May 17 at their home in the Brunei-Muara district.

During the proceedings yesterday, the prosecution sought for the defendant to be further remanded while the Women and Children Abuse Investigation unit carry out further investigations into the case as similar offences of rape may have occurred previously.

Shamshuddin went on to state that they will be applying for this case to be remitted to the High Court on the next mention date.

The defendant was denied court bail as Chief Magistrate Muhammed Faisal PDJLD DSP Hj Kefli said the bail application can only be heard at the High Court as it is within their jurisdiction.

The defendant, meanwhile indicated that he is seeking legal representation.

A further mention of the case will be held on June 15.

The Brunei Times