30 per cent rise in construction accidents recorded

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THE number of accidents in the construction industry across the Sultanate last year increased by 22 cases to 95 cases, data released yesterday by the Public Works Department (JKR) showed.

This was a 30 per cent increase from 2013, during which there were 73 cases reported that year, the data revealed.

Six people died due to the accidents based on the 2014 figure, the data added. No comparative fatality data were given for 2013.

Owing to this, the Head of Health, Safety and Environment Section under the Department of Administration and Finance, Public Works Department pushed the need for contractors to employ health and safety auditors to ensure the safety of workers.

“Previously, contractors only relied on themselves, there were no health and safety officer which they need to have,” Pg Azman Pg Badaruddin told The Brunei Times.

“The rule is, all projects need to have qualified health and safety auditors, especially those projects that cost over $30 million,” he added.

During yesterday’s Health and Safety Week exhibition’s press conference, Pg Azman urged contractors to strictly implement the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) plan, which they submit to the department before carrying out the project.

“Safety is everyone’s responsibility. ” he said.

Pg Azman highlighted that the HSE plan is important, as it is a construction plan to identify the process and the hazards that may arise from the project. “This plan is where the project’s health officer plans to identity the hazards, analyse the risks and propose the risk control to ensure the workers’ safety,” he said.

He explained the HSE plan is beneficial as it assists the contractors’ development in working efficiently whilst increasing their creativity and productivity.

“With the HSE plan, contractors will finish their jobs safely because the process has been assessed to avoid injuries, which is very important,” he said.

Pg Azman advised contractors, staff and interested members of the public to attend the three-day health and safety week exhibition on June 13-16 at JKR’s headquarters in Berakas.

According to the statement by JKR, the exhibition, which is hoped to be held annually, seeks to raise awareness and understanding of workers’ safety at the construction site.

During the exhibition, 19 booths will be open, along with several briefings on safety and demonstrations on proper practices for invited participants.

The Brunei Times