Brunei must build stronger network for sharing best practices

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BRUNEI must formulate communication channels for sharing best practices with the ASEAN region in order to leverage on the expertise of each member state.

This was said by Hongsin Kwek, the advisor to the ASEAN Chief Information Officer Association (ACIOA) during the roundtable discussion at the e-Government National Centre (EGNC) yesterday.

In an interview with The Brunei Times, Kwek said that Brunei can share its technological best practices in ASEAN’s progress and development but it needs to formulate communication channels with the rest of the region.

“Brunei looked at what they need to do and they are very supportive of the initiatives (under ACIOA),” said Kwek.

“The purpose of ACIOA is to know the strength of each ASEAN country. In this case, in terms of technology, Brunei is not behind. Brunei is constantly keeping up (with technology) and they are also very open to suggestions,” she added.

The roundtable discussion at the EGNC was held following the launch of the 4th ASEAN CIO Forum earlier this week.

 The annual forum gathered governments and businesses to promote the sharing of technological best practices.

 Kwek said ACIOA is undergoing an accredited programme with the ASEAN Secretariat with the aim to promote innovation and collaboration amongst the government, businesses, citizens and other intitutions.

 “This means a lot to this association. We are not government-owned and yet we are aligning and driving the initiatives to sync in with the whole government and community conversation,” she added.

The association also aims to develop platforms to promote sharing of best practices and collaboration amongst Chief Information Officers (CIO).

 Kwek described ACIOA’s role as a bridge between the governments and communities.

“We are looking at the success of ICT implementation in the region that could be replicated instead of reinventing it, because this is a very vital source of resources to support the growth of emerging countries that really need help,” she said.

ACIOA President Chaicharearn Atibaedya yesterday stressed on the importance of working together.

“We are learning from each other, it is not a matter of how small or big a country is. Individual countries differ from each other, with different governments, rules, environment and budgets,” said Atibaedya.

“If we work together, it can help us as ASEAN,” he added. 

The Brunei Times