$1,500 fine for ‘dubious’ beef lungs

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A MAN was imposed a $1,500 fine yesterday for possession of over 200 kilogrammes of beef lungs of “dubious origins”.

The court document stated that on June 26, 2013, officers from the Halal Food Control Unit (BKMH) from the Ministry of Religious Affairs conducted an inspection on a vehicle that was parked at the vicinity of Teritip river bank following a public tip-off.

Prior to the inspection, defendant Hj Hamidon Hj Jamil, 39, admitted to the officers that the beef lungs that was found inside the car belonged to him.

During the investigation, the Royal Customs and Excise Department weighed the beef lungs at 222.2 kilograms.

Hj Hamidon admitted that the beef lungs belonged to him and his friend. His friend would transport the beef lungs via boat from Limbang and the defendant would transfer the beef lungs from the boat into his car.

The defendant further stated that his friend managed to escape in the boat.

Investigations revealed that Hj Hamidon is in possession of uncustomed goods and he has no permit from any relevant authority to bring in the seized goods. The value of the goods is $1,555.40.

During the proceedings yesterday, the court ordered the defendant to pay the fines within the four-month grace period or serve four months in jail for in-default of payment.

In another customs case heard at the Magistrates’ Court yesterday, Malaysian national Kam Chee Foong, 44, was imposed a $4,100 after he pleaded guilty to three counts of possession of untaxed alcohol and cigarettes.

The court document stated that on May 30, 2014, the defendant was found in possession of 14 cartons of Carlsberg beer when police officers from the Bandar Seri Begawan conducted an inspection on his car.

According to Kam, the alcoholic beverages were meant for the Gawai celebrations.

Kam was again found in possession of undeclared goods when customs preventive officers arrested the defendant on September 27, 2014, after they found 72 cans of beer and 21 bottles of alcohol inside his car.

Following an inspection on his house, the officers further found five packets of untaxed cigarettes.

During the proceedings yesterday, Kam was granted a grace period until July 30, to settle his fines.

The Brunei Times