Brunei champions to compete in 57th Int’l Tilawah Quran, M’sia

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TWO Bruneian representatives left for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, yesterday to take part in the 57th International Level Tilawah Al-Quran competition.

The two representatives are national champions Ak Mohd Adibul Amin Pg Hj Marjuki and Hjh Siti Noor Dzuhairah Hj Awang Damit.

Ak Mohd Adibul Amin, 27, an officer at the Brunei Investment Agency branch in London, has participated in the international competition some six times over the years.

Prior to boarding the flight, Ak Mohd Adibul Amin advised Muslim youth in the sultanate to strengthen the zikir nation by increasing their effort and skills in reading the Al-Quran.

He emphasised on the importance of mentors in guiding the Quran readers hone in on their skills.

Religious Teacher Hjh Siti Noor Dzuhairah said that taking on an intensive course with the guidance of an experienced Quran mentor is necessary.

“For this competition, our mentors Dato Paduka Hj Yusop Bakar and Ustaz Hj Termizi Hj Mahmod were the people who facilitated the lesson from May 11 until June 4. They taught us several techniques to improve our reading such as voice projection, tajweed (pronunciation), fluency and so on,” said the qariah.

The competition will be held at the Putra World Trade Centre starting today until June 14. This year marks 55 times the sultanate had participated in the International competition.

The Brunei Times