School laments lack of parents’ participation in PTA

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THE Dato Ratna Haji Muhammad Jaafar Primary School has lamented lack of participation of parents in the Parent-Teacher Association (Persatuan Ibu-Bapa Guru or PIBG) meetings.

The Assistant headmaster of the primary school, Hjh Noordini Hj Tuah, said yesterday that out of 600 parents only 15 to 30 parents were active in participating in the school’s activities.

Speaking during the annual celebration of the Family Day, she said: “It's disappointing that parents make many complaints but never bother to get involved in school activities whenever we invite them.

“We held several events that required parents' involvement, but only few showed up,” said Hjh Noordini.

The primary school usually conducts several workshops lasting 30 minutes to show the parents the effective learning methods for children.

“Students sometimes complain that their parents cannot help in completing their homework due to lack of knowledge and some parents have admitted their weaknesses of not being able to help their children. However, whenever we organise such workshops the attendance is very low.

“We understand parents are busy with their work, but students’ academic progress is everyone’s responsibility, be it at school or home,” said Hjh Noordini.

Besides workshops, parents were also invited for some meetings but the school did not get any positive response from them.

“The reason we call them for meetings or workshops is to give them an opportunity to suggest as well as learn how things work at school. Through this process, the more they know, the more they will help their children instead of complaining.”

The school encouraged the family participation by giving marks for their involvement in their children’s projects. “The student will get extra marks in some of their school projects if there is any family involvement. Even though it’s only just two marks per project, it is a good initiative.

“For example in a science project such as herbs planting, if the parents help their children to plant the herbs, the students will be given extra marks.

“It doesn’t matter if it is the parents, guardian or siblings, as long as the family comes forward showing their concern and discuss their children’s academic and attendance progress,” she added.

However, she said parents actively participated in terms of financial contribution.

“When it comes to donations, parents usually give more than we expect.

The PIBG was set up few years ago with aim to create a space for parents and teachers to discuss student affairs in terms of their attendance, academic progress and positive relationship between educational staff and parents.

Yesterday’s Family Day event at the school saw parents, students and teachers participating in edutainment activities.

The Family Day event held at the school in Kiarong was aimed to strengthen relationship of parents, students and educational staff so that they can develop a positive relationship with one another.

The closing ceremony of the event will be held on Sunday with various outdoor activities for parents and students of Dato Ratna Haji Muhammad Jaafar Primary School.

The Brunei Times