Imams: Beware of extremists

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IMAMS yesterday warned Friday prayer congregants not to fall prey to extremism under the guise of jihad.

The sermon said the meaning of jihad in Islam represents dedication in the “way of Allah” that can be channelled through peaceful means, and never through violence and cruelty.

Muslims must be cautious of the influence of Islamic extremists who use social media as a way to recruit militants, it said.

Imams said a majority of militant recruits were drawn to fight with the promise of paradise upon death as martyrs on the battlefield.

“We have to remind ourselves that fighting for and defending the sanctity of our beliefs and religion do not necessarily warrant the use of weapons and suicide bombings.

“In fact, equating suicide bombing with jihad is a seriously flawed notion, particularly when such behaviour results in the loss of lives of innocent people,” added the sermon.

Imams said peace is a vital part of human life and therefore, Islam rejects any form of extremist movement that employs aggression, murders and wars.

Muslims and non-Muslims should cooperate to defend the peace and security of this country.

“We should not be so gullible to easily succumb to the persuasion of extremists who invite us to join their movement in the name of Islam,” said imams.

Imams said Muslims should realise that jihad in Islam would never condone acts of wanton carnage, especially when it involves the killing of other Muslims.

“Although Islam calls upon its ummah (Muslim community) to wage wars for the purpose of upholding and defending their religion, honour and dignity, Islam however does not permit its ummah to indulge in savagery on the battlefield. As a matter of fact, Islam disciplines and teaches its ummah to maintain and conform to the highest code of noble conduct, even during war,” said imams.

Imams said it is important for society to monitor the surrounding environment and people to watch for any suspicious activities and behaviours.

“Do not let our country become the base for these militant groups… Parents must therefore stay vigilant of their children’s Internet activities and also be mindful of the friends they keep in order to protect them from such influence or deception.”

The sermon said Muslim jihadists are those who are appropriately armed with knowledge who can exercise restraint and patience when oppressed by the enemies.

Imams went on to say that Islam demands the practice of moderation, even in times of war.

The Brunei Times