Man guilty of multiple thefts

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A MAN who was involved in multiple theft offences was sentenced yesterday to serve 32 months in jail.

A court document stated that the defendant, Rosazli Hj Metassan, 33, was involved in entering a house in Kg Sg Besar on March 8 and stole a number of keys to find which one belonged to the Honda Civic that was parked there.

After moving a Suzuki Swift, which was blocking the Honda Civic, the defendant took the keys with him and drove the latter away from the premises.

The owner of the car lodged a report to the police on the same day.

The police managed to recover the car three days later at Jalan Kumangsi Selatan, together with the keys that were stolen.

On March 12, Rosazli was also involved in stealing a Volkswagen Scirocco from a house in RPN Meragang. The defendant left the premises but returned to steal two iguanas.

Rosazli was finally arrested on March 14.

The vehicle Rosazli was driving, a Toyota Super Kijang, turned out to be a stolen car that was reported missing by the owner on March 2.

Following Rosazli’s arrest, the police managed to recover the missing Volkswagen Scirocco and the two iguanas, which are still alive. During the proceedings yesterday, the court ordered Rosazli to serve the jail term with effect from the date when he was first remanded on May 2.

The Brunei Times