Family in Belait to get home fixed

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A HOMELESS family of six living temporarily at OKPB Bukit Sawat Primary School may soon be able to build a house following discussions held by government authorities and donations from the public.

Head of the Community Development Department (JAPEM) in Belait Noridah Hj Ishak told The Brunei Times yesterday that she had met with the Belait District Office, the Islamic Da’wah Centre and the Acting Village Head of Bukit Sawat recently to discuss potential plans to rebuild Md Jeffrey Mohd Salleh's house, which was reduced to ash after a fire in 2013.

“We (the government authorities) have met to review and assess the case of Md Jeffrey and his family, as we look at the possibility of offering assistance to him in building his house on his plot of land in Sg Mau,” said Noridah.

Acting Village Head of Bukit Sawat Mohd Abdullah said that a sawmill nearby in Merangking has come forward, as well as several members of the public, to express their interest providing materials and assisting the family in rebuilding their home.

The only shelter currently on Md Jeffery's land is a loosely constructed shack made of zinc roofing.

Noridah and an officer from the Islamic Da’wah Centre also clarified claims by the mother of four Nur Liyana Abdullah Nanting, who previously said her family had never received any assistance from the government apart from an annual donation of school supplies annually through the Ministry of Education’s Najah Miftahun (Keys to Success) Scheme.

“Back in 2013, when their house first burned down, JAPEM donated $5,000 to the family,” she said.

An officer from the Islamic Da’wah Centre, who asked to not be named, informed that the family also had received a total of $13,000 between October 2011 and September 2012.

The family have also been previously offered residence at government barrack housing in Lorong 3, Seria, but declined because they had yet to secure employment in town, and preferred to stay in inner, rural Belait where they can fish and find other sources of income such as scrap metal for recycling.

Md Jeffery and his wife are currently seeking employment, having both previously worked at a sawmill in Andulau.

The Brunei Times