Seek closeness to Allah SWT

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STUDENTS and staff of the Seri Begawan Religious Teachers University College (KUPU SB) were reminded to constantly protect their relationship with Allah (SWT).

Speaking yesterday during a celebration to commemorate Isra’ Mikraj, Assistant Lecturer of Pusat Ilmu Teras of KUPU SB, Ustaz Hj Md Shahrol Azmi Hj Mulok, urged the audience to also evaluate and strive to maintain a good relationship with Allah (SWT.

“We must have a good relationship with Allah SWT even during good and bad times because only Allah SWT can help with every hardship we face.”

He said that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) faced hardships before Isra’ Mi’raj.

“It was then that Isra’ Mi’raj took place. This shows us that we must maintain a close relationship with Allah SWT in times of both hardship and ease.

“One way is by Istiqomah (staying persistent) and comply with the commands of Allah SWT and to stay away from negative actions and influences. We should not become those who only obey when enduring hardships and forget at times of ease.”

Ustaz Hj Md Shahrol also reminded the students and staff to stay away from mungkar (rebelling against the teachings of Islam) and maksiat (such as prostitution, gambling and illicit sex).

“We must also remember that praying is an obligation, a direct way for us to communicate with Allah SWT.

“We must ensure that prayers are correct as they can protect us from our other shortcomings which is fitting to this year’s Isra’ Mi’raj theme: SembahyangPenyelamatKita (prayers can save us),” he added.

The ustaz also touched upon the benefits of saying salam (a form of greeting upon meeting one another).

“We must smile upon giving the _salam. _It can strengthen our relationship with others and portray us to be approachable.”

The talk ended with a pantomime performance on Isra’ Mikraj by students of the college.

Present as the guest of honour was the Raes of KUPU SB, Dr Hjh Masnon Hj Ibrahim. The objective of the talk was to remind staff and students of KUPU SB on the importance of Isra’ Mi’raj, how it occurred and the benefits that we can gain from it as well as to strengthen ties between the staff and students of the college.

The Brunei Times