Resource for English language classes launched

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THE Curriculum Development Department (CDD) under the Ministry of Education (MoE) launched its third resource entitled ‘Magic Moments in Talk … in the English classroom’ at the new MoE building yesterday.

The resource, produced by the CfBT Education Services, provides upper secondary English teachers with interesting activities designed to actively engage students in oral communication whilst strengthening the student’s oral skills.

Director of CDD, Hj Abd Rahman Hj Nawi spoke in his address that the use of this resource will make students realise that English is a useful tool in many aspects of their lives.

 “At the same time, I hope the resource will enable children to become active learners and to be able to explore their experiences and relationships,” he said.

He added that the Ministry through the department of schools has been advocating and implementing phonics instruction and other strategies like the shared book approach in both Malay language and English subjects in early year levels, in order to help children learn to read.

“When we give students the opportunity to verbalise and discuss what they’ve learnt or observed from their learning, we empower them to make the right cognitive and affective connections, develop greater understanding and crystallise their thinking,” he said, adding that this initiative highlights the synergy and benefits of working together towards a common goal.

“The materials in the resource appear to be linguistically appropriate,” Hj Abd Rahman continued.

He said that in the resource, “there are many suggestions for practical hands-on activities that will engage students’ interest and creativity, and provide opportunities for the multi-sensory experiences so vital for active learning.

“From the ministry’s perspective, every student’s potential can and must be tapped and channelled towards contributing to the nation’s economy and progress,” he continued.

During the launch, the audience viewed a short video clip on the resource as well as a clip that showed teachers and students interacting in the classroom.

The ceremony concluded with a presentation of the newly launched resource by the guest of honour to representatives of all secondary government and non-government schools.

Also in attendance were senior government officers representing the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Department of Schools, Departments of Examinations, Department of Schools Inspectorate and Private Instituitions Section along with members of the education project managers from CfBT.

The Brunei Times