Work with seniors, Tutong youth told

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YOUTH in Mukim Lamunin were urged to work together with senior citizens in strengthening and maintaining their cultural heritage.

This was said by the village head of Kg Menangah and Kg Bukit Sulang, Hj Ruslee Hj Ahad during the celebration of ‘Makan Tahun’ to mark the annual harvest amongst Kedayan community at Kg Bukit Sulang Mosque yesterday.

“It is our responsibility as senior citizens to encourage youth particularly in Mukim Lamunin to become a dynamic, coherent and aware about the importance of teamwork in maintaining our nation’s development.

“This includes their efforts in preserving the cultural heritage and traditional values of this society particularly the practices of Malay or Kedayan such as ‘Makan Tahun’ or wedding ceremony where the benefit of the event itself encourages people to work together,” said Hj Ruslee.

He hoped that the initiatives taken by people in Mukim Lamunin will be fruitful for future generations to continue the legacy.

“Hopefully, by seeing and helping the senior citizens in minor tasks will help them to learn and understand the procedures in organising the event.

In another interview with The Brunei Times, penghulu of Mukim Lamunin, Hj Tujoh Talip said that the collaboration between youth and senior citizens in Mukim Lamunin can be seen from their participation in some activities organised by villagers.

“Most of their participation are related with sport activities such as football competition, outbound activities and so on,” said Hj Tujoh.

“The activities may not be related with cultural but seeing this youth willing to gather with society is an indication that they are being supportive.

“Since they are still young, they need more exposure. By the time they equipped with information about the importance of maintaining cultural heritage and so on, they will come forward and become our successors,” he added.

“There is no doubt that our culture will be different from time to time. The pattern would be different in future, but as long as youth aware and practice the culture, it would be sufficient.”

“It’s up to how the next generation value their own cultural heritage as well as identity,” said the penghul.

Yesterday’s event was conducted by the Kg Menangah and Kg Bukit Sulang’s Village Consultative Council (MPK) and Mosque Takmir Committee with aim to instil teamworkvalues to the community.

Present as the guest of honour was the Tutong District Officer, Wardi Hj Mohammad Ali and more than 200 people from Kg Menengah, Kg Bukit Sulang and Kg Bang Nukat.

The event was ended with the handing over donations to two orphans and a senior citizen of Mukim Lamunin.

The Brunei Times