Tutong resort entices visitors

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THE Bintudoh Greenspring Resort is currently making an effort to improve their outbound training by providing various obstacle courses as well as facilities including flying fox said the owner of the resort.

Newas Ukoi, a 57-year-old Dusun who converted his 15-hectare land in Kg Bukit Sulang into a resort told The Brunei Times, the place was officiated in December 2013 with the aim to develop its flora and fauna as well as be equipped with facilities for outbound activities.

“For more than two years since its opening, the resort is aiming to give the public an opportunity to conduct outbound activities particularly among the youth.

The activities are ranging from “Jungle Swing”, kayaking, fishing and so on.We use nature as much as we can to build this place,” said Newas.

“Besides outbound activities, this place is created for public who are into nature, where they can see several types of monkey and birds and experience nightlife in the jungle,” he continued.

Newas said the resort still needs to improve its facilities especially in terms of its obstacle courses. “We want to provide more obstacles so that people have more choices,” he said.

“Currently we only have a total of nine obstacles. We designed the obstacles using woods and ropes. It was aim to create a sense of nature to the users,” he added.

He went on to say that to upgrade the services, the resort is installing a 75-metre flying fox facility in two weeks.

“It will be a permanent facility, thus we have to follow safety procedures in order to install a concrete and safe permanent flying fox facility for public,” he said.

The 75-metre long, 20-feet high flying fox is built on a hill and will cross a fishpond and long lines of trees.

Besides outdoor activities, the resort which is located along Jalan Bukit Sulang, is also focused in maintaining and strengthening indigenous cultures particularly that of the Dusun community.

The consultative council (MPK) under Mukim Lumapas also participated in developing this place.

“The people in Mukim Lumapas are very helpful in developing this place in terms of sharing ideas on activities as well as promoting the place,” said Newas.

He hoped that through the help of MPK standards of resorts in Tutong will improve to further boost tourism in Tutong.

For the past few years, Tutong has taken steps to develop tourism with more than 30 interesting places for the locals and foreign tourists to go to.

The Brunei Times