Strengthen public trust to secure nation

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CLOSER cooperation from the public in sharing sensitive information with the authorities needs to be established especially where safety and security of the nation is concerned.

Military personnel celebrating the 54th anniversary of the Royal Brunei Armed Forces yesterday when interviewed by The Brunei Times expressed the need for authorities and the public to build better trust for each other so that information can flow freely between the two with authorities having better access to crucial information.

Captain Khairul Faizin Hj Abdul Gapar, Adjutant of the Defence Academy at the RBAF, said national security is everyone’s responsibility. The 29-year-old army officer said that the public plays a huge role in safeguarding our nation’s sovereignty especially when they obtain vital information on social media that can jeopardise the country’s image.

He said that social media can offer fast paced position in providing a great opportunity for intelligence gathering. However, cooperation needs to be present between the civilian and the army personnel to ensure the effective use of the social media.

RBAF Corporal (U) Md Fira Deddy Azri Hj Ghani said sharing information between the army personnel and the public can prevent outsiders from sabotaging Brunei’s security.

“The public needs to dismiss the idea of being too dependent on army personnel to protect the country. A person who is Bruneian at heart should share everything with the government if the information is deemed harmful to national security. We can’t stand on one hand alone. We should be one as Bruneians,” he said.

Lieutenant Colonel Dr Md Hiza Wardy Hj Abd Halim, RBAF Medical Officer, said that building the trust between the army personnel and the public is also important during natural disasters.

Recently returned from a humanitarian mission abroad, he said that through great cooperation of the people in Nepal, army personnel can reach to the affected areas quickly and saved a lot of lives. Similarly in Brunei, cooperation from the public can assist rescue teams to reach the affected areas such as flood prone areas on time, said Dr Md Hiza. The RBAF celebrated its 54th anniversary yesterday.

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