Kedayan community celebrate annual ‘Makan Tahun’

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MORE than 100 Kedayan communities from Kg Menangah, Kg Bukit Sulang and Kg Bang Nukat gathered yesterday to prepare their celebration to mark the annual harvest, (Makan Tahun) at Bukit Sulang Mosque.

The get-together was one of the initiatives of Kg Menangah and Kg Bukit Sulang's Village Consultative Council (MPK) and Mosque Takmir Committee which was aimed at fostering good relations with villagers as well as to practice their cultural heritage, said the village head of Kg Menangah, Hj Rusli Hj Ahad.

“It is one of the traditions of this society where our ancestors used to get together among the community and celebrate the bounties of a successful paddy harvest,” he said.

“However, the idea is different now, we gathered around with villagers to maintain and strengthen the values of Kedayan community.”

This is also a way for us to create good bonds within the community, not just as Kedayans but also as villagers, he added

The Brunei Times