Man on trial for multiple theft

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A MAN charged with multiple theft, including stealing a police uniform, claimed trial yesterday.

The court document filed by Prosecuting Officer Muhammad Danial DSP Hj Kifrawi stated that between April and May, defendant Md Abd Aziz Hj Bungsu, 37, was accused of stealing monies from a staff house in Kg Telanai amounting to $10,256 and INR 7,150; stealing a Mitsubishi Pajero from a car park in Tumasek; and stealing a police uniform and sound systems belonging to a police constable.

During the proceedings, Md Abd Aziz pleaded not guilty to all the offences, claiming he was beaten up and subjected to abuse so that he would admit to the offences.

The prosecution indicated that they have 15 prosecution witnesses for the five-day trial. For his part, Md Abd Aziz indicated that he has up to four witnesses for his case.

A further mention of the case will be held on June 30 before an assigned magistrate. In the meantime, the court has released the defendant on a $4,000 court bail with conditions not to approach the three complainants; not to commit any offences while out on bail and; to observe the curfew between 6pm and 5.30am.

The Brunei Times