Fake eggs rumours dispelled

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THE Department of Agriculture and Agrifood yesterday dismissed rumours claiming Hua Ho supermarket outlets sell “fake eggs”.

When contacted by The Brunei Times yesterday, the ministry said Hua Ho does not import eggs as there are enough supplies of eggs in Brunei.

A message circulating on mobile messaging platform WhatsApp claimed that eggs bought from Hua Ho were made from plastic.

In addition, the department through its Biosecurity Division said eggs have never been imported from China.

A previous report cited the department’s data that Hua Ho Agriculture Farm produced about 47.65 million eggs in 2012.

Statistics also showed that about 3.15 million eggs were imported in 2012, but it did not state the country of origin.

In a statement issued yesterday, the department said to ensure the egg industry and livestock industry are guaranteed safe, it continuously monitors the source, quality and maintains the biosecurity of livestock products ranging from farm management until delivery to supermarkets and grocery stores.

One of the department’s priorities is to increase public confidence in the quality of domestic products and imported perishables are safe, the statement read.

The department advised the public to practise storing their eggs safely in the fridge away from food that has been cooked, and under a temperature of four degrees Celsius at all times.

Raw eggs can survive for three weeks if stored in appropriate temperature conditions, it added.

If the refrigerator has a fluctuation in temperature control, it was recommended to use the eggs within two weeks from the date of purchase.

The Brunei Times