BAG Networks eyes improved services at new building

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BAG (Brunei Accenture Group) Networks hopes their new office will further enhance their operations in Internet Security in the Sultanate.

BAG Networks have received two floors (floors six and seven) at the recently completed Design and Technology building at the Anggerek Desa Technology Park.

BAG Networks Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Haslina Hj Mohd Taib told The Brunei Times – during the Khatam Al-Quran ceremony held in conjunction with BAG Networks moving into the new building on May 21 – that the new facility will allow the company to continue tackling Information Technology (IT) security issues.

“IT security is big in Brunei. There are a lot (of threats), especially with the rapid data growth in social media, which is why our main focus is combating those issues and ensuring the country is safe,” she said.

Haslina highlighted that social media is not something that can be controlled because it is constantly improving.

She explained that the new office will allow them to keep up with the Internet because they are able to conduct more activities to improve the company.

“What we can do is continue to stay updated with the ongoing developments, in which we can learn from it to educate and raise awareness for the public’s safety,” she said.

Haslina believed that the key in ensuring Brunei is shielded from cyber threats is by equipping IT staff with the necessary skills required in tackling Internet issues.

Haslina said the new office space would allow the company to conduct more training and activities to improve the knowledge and skills of their staff and personnel.

“We have to identify the key skills for the projects, which is why we have conducted a lot of training for our staff to ensure they are well trained and capable of keeping up with the developments,” Haslina said.

“We are grateful for the new building because we can achieve a lot more, we can also collaborate with other IT companies because we are (housed alongside) other IT businesses and companies in Brunei,” Haslina said.

The Brunei Times