Build inclusive environment for special needs students

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AN INCLUSIVE environment can help boost confidence and create opportunities for students with special education needs, said the Principal of Pusat Bahagia in a recent interview.

As a community, we must join hands to build a truly inclusive society, with the recognition that every special needs children and adults, given the appropriate support and care based on their individual needs, can reach their full potential and contribute to society,” said Md Nasrullah El-Hakim Hj Mohammad.

“It’s not about having pity for these special individuals, they (special needs students) have their own ambition, vision and dreams to pursue,” he said.

The principal went on to say that society must understand and accept special needs students as an integral part of the community, to allow them to live and become productive citizens.

Md Nasrullah El-Hakim said Pusat Bahagia acts as a hub that trains and prepares special needs individuals to work in the industrial sector, in accordance to their talents and abilities.

“We have various programmes at the school to prepare them to be more confident. With their confidence, they can integrate into the society and work at the industrial sector,” he said, noting that there has been an increase in demand for Pusat Bahagia’s school leavers to work in both the public and private sector.

Alhamdulillah there has been an increase in individuals (from the school) working in the industrial sector. Now many companies are coming forward to offer job placements,” he said.

He said that Pusat Bahagia is working closely with the Community Development Department (JAPEM) and several other non-governmental organisations (NGO) to help and bridge people with special needs to society.

The Pusat Bahagia principal also noted that they are currently working on various projects to push their students further in achieving their full potential.

“We have recently re-launched a programme that provides students with gardening and planting skills. Aside from that, we also have cooking classes, computing courses, tailoring and classes that focus on arts and handicraft,” he said.

Asked how Pusat Bahagia intends to promote their products and handicraft, Md Nasrullah El-Hakim said the school plans to sell the personally handcrafted cards in the month of Ramadhan.

He went on to say that they previously had a good response on their Hari Raya cards made by children of Pusat Bahagia.

“This will encourage our students and will motivate them to work even harder towards success,” he said.

The Brunei Times