Reckless driver slapped with $2,000 fine

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A LOCAL man was imposed a $2,000 fine yesterday after he was convicted of one count of reckless driving.

Mohammad Wafiuddin @ Mohammad Syazwan Hj Puasa, 22, was charged at the Magistrates’ Court on May 23, and pleaded guilty to the Road Traffic Act offence.

The court document submitted by Deputy Public Prosecutor Dk Hazirah Pg Mohd Yusof stated that Mohammad Wafiuddin admitted he had drove into the clear path of a VVIP motorcade in a manner that was reckless as he had failed to notice prowlers that were part of the VVIP motorcade and that the VVIP’s vehicle had not driven past.

He also admitted that he overtook the black vehicle in front of him by entering into the path of the VVIP’s vehicle and drove at a very close distance to the VVIP’s vehicle.

Further investigations by the Royal Brunei Police Force revealed that Mohammad Wafiuddin did not have his full attention on the road and its surrounding as he was holding on to his mobile phone and listening to songs whilst driving.

The acting senior magistrate Azrimah Hj Rahman yesterday ordered the defendant to be disqualified from driving a motor vehicle for a period of 12 months with immediate effect.

The Brunei Times