Miri police confirms death of Bruneian

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MIRI police have confirmed the death of a 36-year-old Bruneian after he allegedly jumped off from a building in Miri last Sunday.

Miri district's Deputy Police Chief Superintendent Stanley Jonathan told The Brunei Times yesterday that Shahar Abdullah jumped from the third floor of a building still under construction, and died immediately upon impact.

The police were notified of the incident at 2pm by a construction worker at the site, who noticed the body lying on gravel. Early reports from the police show that there was no suspicious criminal involvement, or evidence of a struggle.

Shahar, a student at Jefri Bol-kiah College of Engineering in Kuala Belait, had been previously advised by patrol police in Miri after being found disturbing members of the public. “It is believed that he was facing mental problems and under a lot of stress,” said the deputy police chief.

Police said the family has al-ready claimed the body. The man was married with a month-old daughter.

The Brunei Times