34 student nurses off to Vietnam on educational tour

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THIRTY-FOUR nursing, paramedic and midwifery students under Pengiran Anak Puteri Rashidah Sa’adatul Bolkiah (PAPRSB) Institute of Health Sciences (IHS) yesterday left for its 22nd educational trip to Vietnam.

The year’s Nursing, Paramedics and Midwifery programmes had choose Vietnam, particularly Da Lat and Ho Chi Minh City, for its next oversea educational trip as it offers the students the opportunity to conduct additional medical research as well as practical works, said the programme coordinator.

Hjh Naemah Hj Nayan said that, the prime objective of this programme is to give an exposure to PAPRSB’s final year students on real life situations.

“This programme can be conducted in our country but it will be more adventurous if the students come to other places and experience something that they never encountered before,” said Hjh Naemah.

The programme seeks to explore transcultural nursing and midwifery activities in Vietnam with a view to adopt relevant practices that would be appropriate for implementation in the sultanate.

“The students will gain some knowledge that may be different to ours, and that could be an additional information for the students’ research to improve nursing, paramedics and midwifery in this country,” she said. The students were also accompanied by eight academic staff of PAPRSB including Hjh Naemah. The study visit is set for a period of five days until May 31.

The Brunei Times