Save money for a rainy day: sermon

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PRACTISE prudent spending and save for a rainy day, the Friday sermon told congregants yesterday.

Imams nationwide said the culture of prudent spending and saving needs to be practised, especially among the younger generation to avoid wastage, and that purchase of items must be done out of necessity and not based on carnal desires.

They also said that practising such culture would allow the younger generation to be more aware of their expenditure, allowing them to spend their monies more wisely and prevent them from accumulating debts.

The sermon said prudent spending and a culture of savings will give rise to an intelligent and progressive society as it would enable the community to have sufficient financial resources.

Imams added that having sufficient savings would make it convenient for Muslims to fulfil their religious obligations such as charity work and performing the Haj.

Muslims were also told to make use of the services provided by licensed banking and financial insitutions when saving.

“Parents also play a crucial role in training their children... encouraging them to save at home. They could also open a savings account at banking insitutions,” said imams.

With this in mind, the imams reminded the congregants not to be easily duped by investment schemes that promise attractive returns in a short period of time as it carry the risk of great financial losses.

“To conclude, let us manage the provisions we have amassed in accordance with the principles of Islam to attain happiness, ease and comfort and general well-being, exercise moderation in spending and express our gratitude to Allah SWT for his rewards.

“It is hoped that by doing so, we will be in a position to consolidate the economy of our family, guarantee a promising future while strengthening the country’s economy in the process,” the sermon added.

The Brunei Times