Health officers learn ways to protect themselves from threats

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OFFICERS from the Department of Health Services were yesterday briefed on protecting themselves against threats and violence.

About 150 staff also listened to a talk on safeguarding government property, including online documents.

A senior official from the department, who declined to be named, said employees have a personal obligation to look after their employers and their respective workplaces.

“We want the staff to know about security on the Internet because with current challenges, any form of threats can be found throughout daily work online and so on,” she said on the sidelines of the briefing at the Ministry of Health.

The department promotes health services through its website and the BruHims system.

“We want to be more approachable to the public, and be aware of how to tackle situations when problems arise. We want to be proactive in safeguarding our staff and government property before any threats happen,” the senior official added.

Speakers from the Internal Security Department and Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) were present to deliver the briefing on government property, Internet and personal safety and safeguarding against verbal abuse.

Presenters from the Internal Security Department provided explanations and information on the safety of buildings, and gave recommendations on improving security and building security to keep information, files and documents safely online.

Meanwhile, the speaker from RBPF spoke on the safety of officers and staff on duty, as well as ways to improve safety and address the threat of terrorism.

The Brunei Times