Two foreigners caught with expired passes

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TWO foreigners were found with expired work passes on Wednesday evening at Sungai Lalit in Lumut, Belait.

Of the two, one was found to have overstayed for 887 days, while the other was found to have exceeded his work pass by six days.

The six officers from the Enforcement Section of the of the National Registration and Immigration Department (JIPK) also examined three other foreign workers during the raid, dubbed ‘Operasi Cekup’.

Two have been issued a special pass to allow for further investigations, while the remaining three have been detained. The operation took place at 6.55pm.

In a press statement, JIPK reminded employers and foreigners to strictly adhere to customs and immigration’s rules and regulations.

JIPK also urged members of the public to report any information related to immigration offences to the department at 8753888 or 8734888.

Details of informants will be kept confidential.

The Brunei Times