M’sian fined for stealing Samsung Tab

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A MALAYSIAN man was fined $1,000 after he pleaded guilty to stealing a Samsung Tab 3 yesterday.

The court document submitted by Prosecuting Officer Mohammad Danial DSP Hj Kifrawi stated defendant Zaidy Mansor, 31, committed the offence on May 3 at a house in Kg Tanah Jambu while staying over in his friend’s room.

The house was home to the complainant, Husnah.

In the morning of May 3, the defendant gained entry into the complainant’s room by opening the locked door using a card.

Upon gaining access to the room, he noticed the Samsung Tab 3 and took the item .

The next day, the complainant lodged a police report after realising that her phone was missing. The phone was valued at $324.

Zaidy surrendered himself to the police and 10 days later the police were able to recover the phone.

During the proceedings yesterday, Magistrate Azrimah Hj Abd Rahman ordered Zaidy to pay the fines immediately or serve the in-default sentence of one month in jail.

The Brunei Times