Jail term for cannabis trafficker

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THE Intermediate Court yesterday sentenced a Malaysian man to serve seven years and six months in jail and six strokes of the cane after pleading guilty to the charge of importation of over 200 grammes of cannabis.

The court document submitted by Prosecuting Officer Hjh Atiyyah Hj Abas stated defendant Bernard Chin Jun Tin was arrested at the Sungai Tujoh Control Post on October 11, 2013 after Narcotic Control Bureau (NCB) personnel found dry leaves believed to be drugs at the back seat of his car.

Prior to the arrest, the customs officers first became suspicious over Bernard’s behaviour when he refused to pay the excise duty for his cigarettes and instead asked to leave the cigarettes at the control post.

Upon inspecting the car and finding a blue plastic bag at the backseat, the customs officers called the NCB officer to the scene.

A scuffle broke out between Bernard and the NCB officer when the latter wanted to search the bag. Eventually, the NCB officer managed to search the bag and found several packets containing dry leaves believed to be drugs.

Analysis by Department of Scientific Services (DSS) on the packets confirmed the dry leaves to be cannabis with a total weight of 204.5998 grammes.

During investigation, Bernard admitted that he was importing the drugs to Brunei.

During the proceedings yesterday, Intermediate Court judge Pg Hjh Hanani Pg Hj Metussain has ordered for the defendant to serve the sentence with effect from first remand on October 13, 2013.

Bernard was represented by defence counsel Rudi Lee of Rudi Lee, Annie Kon & Associates throughout the proceedings.

The Brunei Times