Study seriously, students urged

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STUDENTS were advised to take education seriously and excel in studies in order to be successful and escape from poverty.

 Hj Ali Yusri Abdul Ghafor, the Acting Head of Counseling and Career Guidance Section (BKK) under the Department of Schools, Ministry of Education (MOE), highlighted this matter at a motivational talk titled “Working Sincerely (Keikhlasan Bekerja)” yesterday.

 “Do not (just) study smart and study hard, but study crazily…” he said, adding that it is important for oneself to acquire education in their life.

 He also said that parents should not entirely blame their children if they are not performing well in their education.

 “Parents must ask themselves why their kids do not perform. It could be due to something else that they (parents) did which indirectly contributes to that matter,” said Hj Ali Yusri.

About 120 students from Rimba II Secondary School and Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Damit Girls Arabic Religious Secondary School (SUAMPRIPAD) attended the talk held at the Information Deparment Auditorium.

 The talk which also focused on employees’ sincerity and honesty at work was hosted by the department in conjunction with its 63rd anniversary celebration.

“As a worker, it is crucial to be honest in what you are doing, as simple as using the office photocopy machine to make copies for your personal purpose. It is not your property,” said the counseling officer.

 Speaking to _The Brunei Times _at the sidelines of the event, Hj Ali Yusry said workers must abide rules at their workplace.

“To gain blessings, we should follow (workplace) rules such as coming on time to work and being honest in performing tasks and responsibilities.”

 He continued to say that parents must ask themselves why if their children’s education is not satisfying.

 “You (parents) ought to do a self-check not to downgrade yourself but to self-reflect.

“From there you will be able to find out whether you lack prayers or maybe zakat.

These are some of the factors that influenced your children’s academic excellence,” he told.

 With having sincerity and honesty, employees will not feel down or demotivated if fellow colleagues were promoted in their jobs, said Hj Ali Yusri.

 “Regarding job promotions, no matter what job you are in, if we are sincere, why should you be worried?

“It is their rezeki. Also, take the task given as a challenge (to achieve better) and not as a torture,” he said.

After the talk, the department’s public relations officer explained to the students on the department’s mission, vision and strategies followed by a quiz.

The students also had the chance to visit exhibition booths showcasing the department’s establishment history.

 Other activities include product displays from various mukims and villages held at the department’s additional building.

 The Information Department will continue its 63rd anniversary celebration until May 21 located at Old Airport Berakas.

 Meanwhile, in other districts, the celebration will take place from May 23 to 24 at Dewan Serbaguna, Kompleks Kedai Bumiputra, Pekan Bangar in Temburong, from May 26 to 27 at Dewan Seri Kenangan, Kompleks Dewan Kemasyarakatan in Tutong.

The celebration will be held from May 28 to 30 at Taman Persiaran in Kuala Belait.

 The Brunei Times