‘Maintaining MIB concept is everyone’s responsibility’

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EVERYONE has their own specific roles and responsibilities in ensuring the Malay Muslim Monarchy (MIB) concept continues to live on for future generations, said the Head of the Secretariat of the MIB Supreme Council.

Dr Hj Muhammad Hadi Muhammad Melayong told _The Brunei Times _during yesterday’s “Bruneian Values in a context of MIB” programme at the Centrepoint Hotel in Gadong that Bruneians must understand and live by the MIB concept to ensure it will be passed onto future generations.

“MIB is a way of life, it has been for a long time because it has guided people (to progress from a) life with struggles to a better life. This is why we need to motivate all Bruneians to apply this concept,” he said.

Dr Hj Muhammad Hadi highlighted that youth is the focus in ensuring the MIB concept lives on for the sake of the next generation.

“The students are the future... which is why we want to fulfil His Majesty’s vision of 2035 by making sure that the MIB concept is passed on and strengthened,” he said.

One of the initiatives the MIB Supreme Council has taken to achieve this is by teaching and providing educators with a more in-depth understanding of the MIB concept.

“We have teachers in our programme because we aim to educate and make sure they understand MIB in order for them to apply it in their classes when teaching students. The students will pass it on to the next generation,” he said.

Dr Hj Muhammad Hadi went on to say that the MIB Supreme Council will examine the schools’ progress after six months.

He went on to highlight that MIB will also need to be used in modern technology as a strategic action to ensure the MIB concept is not lost.

“People are really smart nowadays, especially with the development of technology. Therefore we need to motivate them to use MIB in their lives and make sure they have a high level of understanding of it,” he said.

During yesterday’s “Bruneian Values in a context of MIB” programme, Dr Hj Muhammad Hadi briefed the MIB concept to 85 teachers from Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Saleha Secondary School in Tutong.

A Member of the MIB Supreme Council, Professor Madya Dr Hj Hashim Hj Abdul Hamid, was also present during the briefing yesterday.

The Brunei Times