DAMIT Worleyparsons Engineering grants sponsorship to student

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DAMIT Worleyparsons Engineering (DWE) yesterday awarded a sponsorship to a permanent resident to undergo a Diploma in Computer Networking at Jefri Bolkiah Engineering College (MKJB).

Norlaila Ibrahim will have her tuition fees for one semester under her Diploma fully covered, after meeting criteria set by MKJB to be eligible for the award.

Human Resources Manager of DWE Hj Hamdan told The Brunei Times yesterday that the sponsorship is aimed at easing the financial burden of Norlaila's parents.

“She has met the stringent criteria set by MKJB. We are happy to accept the nomination and she will receive the official grant for her to continue her studies,” said Hj Hamdan.

He added that DWE has been awarding similar sponsorships to two to three students from MKJB on an annual basis.

“We are also involved in sponsoring student projects, especially with Institut Teknologi Brunei, since we have a Memorandum of Understanding with them. We have also welcomed students to DWE for intensive attachments,” he said.

He informed that the sponsorship carried no commitments or future bonds to DWE.

Meanwhile the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Institute of Brunei Technical Education Habib Mohd Hj Wan Junaidi, who witnessed yesterday's awarding ceremony, urged the country's technical and vocation education (TVET) to maintain a close relationship with the private sector.

Citing Singapore's success in TVET as an example worth emulating, he said: “The key feature of Singapore's success and that of other countries with strong TVET systems is the strong relationship between TVET and the private sector.”\

He added that TVET could only stay relevant to the current demands of the country's industry if it worked closely with the private sector.

“This fact has not been missed in Brunei; it is one of the reasons the Department of Technical Education under the Ministry of Education was transformed into the Institute of Technical Education in May 2014.”

The Brunei Times