Woman fined $14,500

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A WOMAN was imposed a $14,500 fine yesterday after she admitted to possession of nine cartons and 282 packets of undeclared cigarettes.

The court document states that on February 16, defendant Nikmat Suraine Hj Lamat, 46, was detained after a customs inspection at her house in Kg Kilanas, Mulaut led to the discovery of the undeclared cigarettes in various parts of the kitchen.

During the investigation, Nikmat admitted that the cigarettes belonged to her and that she knew that in possession of cigarettes without permit is an offence. The excise duty to be paid for the cigarettes was $1,814.

During the proceedings yesterday, the defendant was ordered to pay $500 every month until she settles the fines or face 12 months in jail for in-default of payment.

The Brunei Times