Three-car collision during rush hour

National 1 minute, 15 seconds


THREE cars were involved in an accident yesterday morning along Jln Tengah nearing the roundabout leading to the Panaga National Housing Scheme.

No injuries were reported during the collision, which allegedly took place after a Toyota Corolla was forced to suddenly break, causing a Chevrolet Orlando following closely behind to hit the Corolla's rear bumper.

A third car behind then crashed into the Chevrolet, completely damaging the headlights on the driver's side.

Umi, who was driving the Corolla yesterday, told The Brunei Times she was on her way home after sending her children to school, when the car behind her began to tailgate.

"The accident happened just a few minutes to 7am, where a jam or queue began to form along Jln Tengah. The driver seemed to be in a hurry, edging her side of the road and tailgating me,” she claimed.

"When I was forced to suddenly break, she hit into my rear, and another car behind her also smashed into her.”

Pointing to the bumper of her Corolla yesterday, she said only minor repairs would be needed.

The driver of the third car involved in the accident said her Toyota Wish had to be towed to the workshop after the front left side of her vehicle was badly damaged.

"I was in shock after the accident happened, but Alhamdullilah I suffered no physical injuries,” said Zaleha, who is currently expecting a child.

As of yesterday morning, the Kuala Belait Police Station were still investigating the accident.

The Brunei Times