Keep up with the times to stay relevant, Info Department told

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THE Information Department is urged to be competitive and keep up with the times by maximising on the use of ICT in order to gain public attention.

The Permanent Secretary (Media and Cabinet) at the Prime Minister’s Office Hj Mohd Rozan Dato Paduka Hj Mohd Yunos said this at an event celebrating Information Department’s 63rd anniversary yesterday.

He urged the Department to keep up with new technologies, adding that this is important in drawing public attention and disseminate information.

“Now we are in an era of information technology. Our society now has many ways of getting information, which is now made easily available with technological advancements,” said Hj Mohd Rozan in his opening remarks.

“We realised that people are exposed to information that are accurate as well as information that are exaggerated. This is a big challenge for media organisations globally, and the Information Department is not exempted.

“Whether the information received is accurate or not, it is very difficult to control. The convenience of receiving information also made it easy for the information to be ‘recycled’ and distributed to other parties,” he added.

Hj Mohd Rozan said the survival or relevancy of an organisation such as the Information Department is tied to the quality of its services and products, he said.

He added that despite having actively implemented various programmes over the past 63 years, the Department must continue to set new benchmarks.

The permanent secretary also urged the Department to find new ways to attract the younger audience.

He also urged the Department to continue to help the government promote its policies and efforts such as in disseminating the MIB (Malay Muslim Monarchy) philosophy and the Brunei National Vision 2035.

The Information Department will continue its 63rd anniversary celebration until May 21.

During the event yesterday, Hj Mohd Rozan launched a photo book ‘Tranquility in Diversity’ as part of the celebration.

The book comprised a collection of pictures captured in and around Temburong district.

It also promotes the natural beauty and activities in the district.

Hj Mohd Rozan also presented certificates of appreciation to nine of the Department’s retired staff for their contribution over the years.

Acting Director of Information Department, Mawardi Hj Mohamad, said there are plans to publish similar books for the other districts.

Other activities for the celebration include ‘Bicawara Pelita Brunei’ as well as quizzes.

An exhibition was also set up showcasing the history behind the establishment of the Information Department.

 The Brunei Times