Work with due diligence: Dewan Bahasa

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OFFICERS and staff of the Language and Literature Bureau (DBP) were urged to carry out their daily duties with high moral standards and full commitment.

“This includes being honest, doing noble deeds of trust as well as being productive and accurate when carrying out duties,” said DBP Director Hjh Aminah Hj Momin during the opening ceremony of the induction course for new bureau staff.

“We should also not forget the Malay Muslim Monarchy (MIB) concept, striving towards a Zikir Nation and Vision 2035.”

She also encouraged the new staff members to improve other skills, such as verbal communication and writing correspondences, memos and minutes.

“Hopefully, with the completion of the course, participants will have an open mind towards achieving administrative excellence, and be more efficient, creative, innovative, committed, while prioritising the Malay Language,” the DBP Director added.

Hjh Aminah Hj Momin told The Brunei Times that the objective of the four-day course was to ensure the participants to learn more about the functions and roles of the DBP while educating the participants to the vision, mission and objectives of the DBP and to explain to them the bureau’s administrative system.

This included instilling values and excellent work ethics among all members of the public and to exposing them to an excellent work culture, noting the importance of top-quality staffs.

The mandatory course is expected to equip its participants to learn about effective ways of communication, speaking aids, television sign language, negative practices, interviewing techniques, among other things.

About 40 DBP staff took part in the induction course. Instruction was provided by the course facilitator, Hj Sahari Hj Nasar, with assistance of the heads of departments at the DBP.

The Brunei Times