Daily prayers: Saviour for Muslims

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A RELIGIOUS scholar yesterday preached the importance of performing the five-time daily prayers as it will be the first thing questioned by Allah SWT on Judgement Day.

Dr Hj Hambali Hj Jaili, dean of Students at Seri Begawan Religious Teachers University College (KUPU SB), said the daily prayers also reflect the significance of Isra’ Mikraj where Allah SWT revealed to Prophet Muhammad SAW on the obligation, without Angel Jibril AS as the medium.

Delivering a keynote religious lecture on “Prayers as Saviour” during the Isra’ Mikraj celebration at the International Convention Centre yesterday, he shared about how Prophet Muhammad SAW received the revelation from Allah SWT at Sidratul Muntaha, the highest level of heaven during the event of Isra’ Mikraj.

Isra’ Mikraj commemorates the night journey of Prophet Muhammad SAW to meet Allah SWT. Isra’ and Mikraj are the two parts of the journey that Prophet Muhammad SAW took in one night, around the year 621.

Isra’ is the journey the prophet made from Masjidil Haram in Mecca to Masjidil Aqsa in Palestine, while Mikraj is his journey to the heavens.

“During this very event, the obligation to pray to Him is commanded to Prophet Muhammad’s SAW ummah (people), which was originally 50 times daily until it was reduced to five times per day, with His blessings.”

Dr Hj Hambali said performing the daily prayers was one of the pillars in Islam as it was a formal act of worship performed by Muslims as the servants of Allah SWT the Creator as well as the repellent of wrongdoing.

He said parents must remind their children to perform prayers diligently as they will also be held accountable on Judgement Day.

“Remember that the prayers will be the saviour and light for us when we finally meet Allah SWT on Judgement Day. However, the biggest threat will await if it is neglected,” he said.

The Brunei Times