Parental role in education urged

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EDUCATORS and parents working together to motivate the students will help them to improve and achieve more, said the chairman of the Parents-Teacher Association of Sayyidina Hasan Secondary School.

Dr Md Adi Zaky Hj Matasim told _The Brunei Time_s during Sayyidina Hasan Secondary School’s 3rd Family Day Celebration 2015 yesterday that students would be more motivated in their studies when their parents and educators have a strong relationship.

“Parents are the key in motivating their children in their education because parents have the ability to show and guide their children for their future,” said Dr Md Adi, who is also the organiser of the celebration.

Since the implementations of activities and programmes for the teachers, parents and students, the school’s achievements have been increasing, in which Dr Md Adi believes the informal meetings could be one of the ways to improve the students.

Dr Md Adi believes that parents are able to guide their children further since they have more knowledge of their actions and performances in school which the parents could assist the educators by motivating the students at home.

The Principal of Sayyidina Hasan Secondary School, Norazizah Hj Md Salleh said the informal meetings between parents and teachers were positive steps in forming their relationship.

“Informal meeting through fun activities and games could create a stronger relationship because they aren’t meeting together such as during parents-teacher meeting where they formally address the students’ progress,” she said.

Meanwhile, the acting principal of Kuala Belait Religious School on Thursday echoed the same idea by saying that preparations for examinations should be done not only at schools but also at home with parental supervision.

“Among the things they (parents) can do is to monitor their children’s revisions at home, besides ensuring that their homework is always done on time,” said Acting Principal Hjh Sarimah Hj Bini.

“Asking them whether they have studied, or whether they have done their homework is not adequate; parents need to see the homework are being done and should always be up to date with their development in schools,” she added.

“Parents should also ensure that their children have enough sleep to prevent them from being sick and unable to come to school to catch up with their studies,” she said.

Aside from monitoring the times spent on studies, children’s usage of mobile devices including tablets should also be supervised as these might distract them from their studies, especially when they are about to take their tests.

“These devices could of course be a great use in educating children as these are plenty of applications and programmes that would encourage them to study, for example apps that would allow them to read the Quran or solve mathematical problems,” she said.

“However, they might also be misused if it is purely used only for entertainment, so parental supervision is really necessary so the devices can be used appropriately by the students,” she added.

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