Importance of daily prayers stressed

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MUSLIMS across the nation were reminded on the importance of performing their five daily prayers in light of the Isra’ Mikraj celebrations.

During yesterday’s Friday sermon, imams retold the story of Isra’ Mikraj as the day Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) received a direct command from Allah SWT with regards to the establishment of prayers.

“This shows how special the prayer is in the sight of Allah SWT and it is a saviour for Muslims in this world and the Hereafter,” said the imams.

Other forms of worship that were mentioned included fasting, zakat (obligatory tax), and the Haj (pilgrimage).

“The prayer is the second pillar of Islam. It is also the pillar of the religion and a form of obligatory worship for every mukallaf (person with full legal competence) Muslim,” they explained.

They added that the there are more than 25 references in the Quran that emphasises the injunction on the performance of prayers.

Additionally the word ‘prayer’ (solat) appears more than 70 times in the holy book.

“This indicates how important prayer is and how much it is demanded by Allah SWT. Fellow Friday congregants; as the ummah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) we need to understand this prayer injunction thoroughly,” said the imams.

Family members, especially young children, must be taught to pray from a young age and should be disciplined if they fail to pray, they added.

“This clearly shows how much attention Rasulullah Salallahu ‘Alaihi Wassalam has placed on prayer and how important it is to teach our children to pray when they are young. Apart from that, it is sunnah for us to supplicate to Allah SWT so that we, our children and descendants, will always perform the prayer, as supplicated by Prophet Ibrahim Alaihissalam,” said the imams.

They quoted Verse 40 of Surah Ibrahim which states, “My Lord! Make me establish proper worship, and some of my posterity (also); our Lord! And accept my prayer.”

“We can see how important the prayer is to us. Every Muslim should therefore perform prayers properly. Know that the merits of prayer are many and that prayer is able to be the saviour of the Muslim ummah,” they said.

These merits include reminding Muslims of Allah SWT, obliterate sins, prevent despicable and sinful acts, and the bringing of blessings and happiness in life.

“In conclusion, let us improve the quality of our prayers and endeavour, as best we can, to concentrate and to have complete humility during prayers, as well as to be resolved in doing it purely for the sake of Allah SWT. Together, let us supplicate that all the worship we have performed all this while are accepted by Allah SWT.”

The Brunei Times