Stakeholders continue support of Child Development Centre

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CHILD Development Centre (CDC) continues to receive support from long term partners Baiduri Bank and Syarikat Chua Motors yesterday in the form of in-kind donations yesterday.

Head of CDC, Dr Hjh Mawarni Hj Abdul Hamid said “We are indebted to Baiduri Bank since 1999, when the centre started its services at the Ministry of Health’s bungalow complex in Kiarong. At that time, Baiduri Bank has donated various therapy equipments and children’s furniture for the use of this facility to start up the service”.

Chua Motors has also contributed almost every year, which has been utilised by children at the centre for rehabilitation or physiotherapy, she added.

For the children who require occupational therapy treatments, the centre has acquired equipments such as therapeutic putty, specialised wheelchairs, bath seats and wheeled commodes.

She said the equipments donated would ensure that the children would be able to sit properly to avoid secondary deformities. Baby car seats donated will also help babies who suffer from cerebral palsy to sit properly.

Cynthia Chong, Baiduri Bank’s head of Business Services Centre were present at the event.

On behalf of the children, the CDC and the Ministry of Health, thank you for your unwavering support and generosity, she said. Dr Hj Zulaidi Hj Abdul Latif, Director-general of Health Services was present as guest of honour.

The Brunei Times