Brunei to join SEA digital classroom initiative

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SEAMEO VOCTECH is aiming for Brunei and other Southeast Asian countries to have a harmonised school curriculum as a way of expediting ASEAN’s vision of achieving an ASEAN community.

The initiative, spearheaded by SEAMEO VOCTECH, entails developing a Southeast Asian (SEA) digital classroom where teachers from the region will be able to discuss ideas and jointly develop courses and exams for the students of the region.

Timor Leste will also be inclu-ded in the initiative, apart from the 10-member bloc.

Seameo Secretariat Director, Dr Ir Gatot Hari Priowirjanto yesterday told The Brunei Times they have already launched the SEA digital classroom in Indonesia in January, and are currently here to share with Bruneian principals and teachers on how they can start the initiative. “We are trying to develop and give information to schools on how to connect bet-ween countries in Southeast Asia. Last weekend in Pattaya, we told the SEA education ministers that this SEA digital class will be developed within these countries and they agreed to it because it is according to their seven priorities.”

He explained that the seventh priority set by the ministers of education is to have a 21st-century curriculum.

He said this involves collaboration, and SEAMEO will collaborate with schools to prepare the programmes and connect its teachers, principals and students.

“This is where for example, teachers from Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand will collaborate and prepare the chapters for the subjects together, followed by joint examinations,” he said.

He said this initiative will start step-by-step, where they kick off with a certain number of schools within each country.

Brunei Centre Director of SEA-MEO VOCTECH, Hj Md Sharifuddin Hj Md Salleh said they will monitor the teachers on how they liaise with other regional teach-ers, and collaborate with the other centres around Southeast Asia through training and teleconferencing to achieve harmonisation and internalisation. “This initiative is in line with ASEAN, and the aspirations of our heads of state.”

Hj Md Sharifuddin said Brunei can become a model through its Institute of Brunei Technical Education transformation to these countries through sharing of ideas. “We can become an exemplary model of partnership with indus-try. We are now successful with that and we can become consultants to other countries with similar revenues based on oil and gas like us, not only in this region but beyond.”

The Brunei Times