BKN educates neighbourhood watch members on drug abuse

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TWENTY members of the neighbourhood watch under Mukim Kota Batu and Mukim Kilanas recently conducted a visit to the Narcotics Control Bureau (BKN).

According to a press statement, the purpose of the visit was to educate and create awareness amongst the neighbourhood watch members on the dangers and consequences of drug-use so they can help disseminate these information to their respective mukim residents.

The visiting neighbourhood watch group was led by the Acting Superintendent Officer of the Central Police Station, Inspector Mohammad Faizal Iswandy Ali Othman.

The visit commenced with a brief presentation by the BKN officer, Pg Mohd Shamsul Adli Pg Salleh, on the organisation’s history, organisational structure, mission and vision.

This was then followed by a presentation on the common types of drugs found in Brunei and the negative effects of drug use.

The group then took a tour to an exhibition room which illustrates the different types of equipment used for consuming drugs.

The members were also strongly advised to stay away from drugs at all times and to report any suspicious activities. – Izzati Jalil

The Brunei Times