Women’s rights after divorce explained

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THE rights of a woman after getting divorced were explained to the Jema’ah Muslimah of Mukim Sengkurong yesterday in a briefing on ‘Islamic Family Law’.

The briefing was conducted by the Syarie counsels of Abrahams, Davidson & Co in conjunction with National Family Day 2015.

Delivered by Hj Mohd Syazwan Nizar Hj Mat Zain and Hjh Safinah Hj Salim, the briefing was aimed at raising awareness on the rights that women could claim after divorce. The briefing was held at Sultan Sharif Ali Mosque in Kampong Sengkurong.

Hj Md Syazwan said that women often become victims in the issue of divorce.

“We showed the Islamic Family Law under section 217 to them so that they know what they can claim afterwards.”

He went on to say that not many women were aware of the benefits of the Islamic Family Law.

“There are three type of nafkah (sustenance) that woman can claim after divorce, Nafkah Idah (sustenance given after the divorce), Nafkah Anak (sustenance for the children) and Nafkah Tertunggak (sustenance for the wives who didn’t receive dowries),” he said.

“Actually the act is not specifically for women but it is also for husbands as well as children. We emphasised women due to the fact that they have the tendency to remain silent and this may cause them to lose custody over the children due to their lack of confidence to ask for help,” added the counsel.

The event was an initiative of the Muslimah Affairs Unit under the Mosque Affairs Department that aimed to gather, inspire and guide Muslim women in the sultanate with religious activities.

The Brunei Times