New tamu eases Lamunin vendors

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THE new market in Mukim Lamunin will ease vendors from the Mukim and will not affect businesses at Tamu Serambangun, said an official from the Tutong District Office.

Acting Assistant Tutong District Officer Hj Haizul Rizal Hj Yahya said that the new market located at Mukim Lamunin will not affect the sales of vendors at Tamu Serambangun in Tutong Town.

Speaking with The Brunei Times, Hj Haizul said that the new market operates only once a month, while the popular Tamu Serambangun operates every Thursday.

“It has been running several times over the past few months since it was first opened early this year,” said Hj Haizul.

He added that the Mukim Lamunin market only caters to residents within the area.

The new market currently has five open-air spaces for vendors from Mukim Lamunin.

“This is to ensure that only those vendors who are determined can rent and sell their products at the market,” added Hj Haizul.

In a separate interview, Kg Lamunin Village Head and Kg Lamunin Consultative Council Chair, Major (Rtd) Said Hj Tinggal, said that Tamu Serambangun is located approximately 21km away from the new market.

The village head said that with the new market, residents of Mukim Lamunin would no longer have to travel to Tamu Serambangun to sell their goods.

Meanwhile, Mukim Lamunin Penghulu Hj Tujoh Talip said that the new market was approved by the Ministry of Home Affairs and is open every Sunday of the first week of each month.

“People will be informed via posters by the roadside that the market is going to open,” he said.

Mukim Lamunin Village Consultative Council Head of Women’s Bureau, Hjh Asnah Hj Yassin, said the area is convenient for both vendors and customers because of the open air concept and there are a lot of cars passing by the market on a regular basis.

“For the time being, we (vendors) are not required to pay any rent to the Tutong District Office,” said Hjh Asnah who is also one of the vendors at the new market.

The Brunei Times