Bintudoh Resort to provide shuttle bus services

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BINTUDOH Greenspring Resort in Tutong will provide shuttle bus services during major festivals such as Adau Gayoh (celebration to mark the end of padi harvesting season) and fruit seasons in a bid to attract more visitors, said its owner.

Newas Ukoi told The Brunei Times that there are plans to provide buses operating from Bandar Seri Begawan to the resort as part of a tourism package deal.

“However, at the moment, we are only considering to provide shuttle bus services from the Mukim Lamunin Community Hall to this resort during major festivals,” he said, adding that the distance is about 3km away.

Due to high demand from local and foreign visitors, Newas said shuttle bus services are necessary. The resort welcomed 1,400 visitors last year.

He went on to say that the shuttle bus services will be carried out by Mukim Lamunin Village Consultative Council member, Koperasi Daratan Gong Tiga Majlis Perundingan Kampung Lamunin Berhad’s (KODRAT).

Acting Assistant Tutong District Officer Hj Haizul Rizal Hj Yahya said the plan of providing regular shuttle bus services was discussed between the resort owner and Tutong District Officer Wardi Hj Md Ali last year.

“The planning is still ongoing. InsyaAllah, the plan will go ahead by the end of this year,” he said.

Hj Haizul Rizal said the resort, which currently employs 10 locals, has the potential to bring economic spin-off opportunities from quality hospitality services.

“The spin-off is quite large … those working here can work as waiters or tour guides. It provides job opportunities to locals as well as small and medium enterprises. Vendors can sell their products while youth can be paid for traditional performances; and the government’s plan to promote Tutong as tourist attraction can be achieved,” he added.

Some of the performances for tourists are traditional dances such as memukun and gambus.

Hjh Asnah Hj Yassin, head of Women’s Mukim Lamunin Village Consultative Council, said the resort provides business opportunities for vendors.

“For example, kuih sapit (Malay traditional delicacy) is a favourite. Gong 3 porridge is also famous,” she said.

Hjh Asnah said the shuttle bus services would attract more visitors to the resort and visit their stalls.

However, Mukim Lamunin Penghulu Hj Tujoh Talip opined that regular shuttle bus services are unnecessary because many Brunei residents own cars.

“But it is a good idea to provide one when there are big festivals like fruit festivals and Adau Gayoh. Not everyday. Most people here have their own cars. Moreover, this area has wide car park space,” he said.

The penghulu said the resort has become more popular as a venue for corporate and school outings since its opening in 2012.

Located about 48 kilometres from the capital, the resort is surrounded by forests and home to three ethnic groups namely Dusun, Kedayan and Tutong.

Kg Lamunin has a population of 2,221, based on a 2012 census, added Hj Tujoh.

He went on to say that the Melinging Rainforest, which is close to the resort, is abundant with herbs and medicinal plants such as ginseng, and fruits such as durian, jackfruit, rambutan and kembayau.

The Brunei Times