Woman jailed for overstaying

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A WOMAN was sentenced yesterday to a three-month jail term and a $1,000 fine after she pleaded guilty to overstaying in Brunei.

Defendant Motana Amonpanchasap was investigated on May 6 by the Immigration Department after she sought assistance from the Royal Thai Embassy regarding her expired visit pass.

Investigation showed that some time in May 2013, the 37-year-old Thai national entered Brunei from Thailand to look for a job.

The immigration officials at the Brunei International Airport issued the defendant a visiting pass that was valid for 14 days.

Prior to its expiry, the defendant was able to extend her visiting pass that was valid until June 8, 2013, with an endorsement of “extension not allowed”.

However, Motana failed to leave the country after June 8, 2013, and has remained unlawfully in Brunei after the expiry of her visit pass.

Throughout the 697 days she was in Brunei, the defendant did not make any report to the authorities.

She survived in the country by working as a part-time maid.

During the proceedings yesterday, Motana indicated that she was unable to pay the fines.

She is to serve two months in jail in-default of payment after serving the three months imprisonment term.

The Brunei Times