‘Talk, not lash, on children into drugs’

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PARENTS must not lash or blame but rather talk to their children who are into drugs to keep them away from the vice, an official from the Narcotics Control Bureau (BKN) said yesterday.

BKN Assistant Narcotics Officer 1, Md Izman Hj Tarip also said they are especially targeting mothers - as they are closer to their children - to play greater roles in advising children to avoid or stop taking drugs.

Parents must advise their children, especially those in the growing up or experimental stage who can easily be influenced by peers or the social media, about the dangers and ill-effects of drug abuse.

Instead of blaming the children, parents should be more open-minded and try to find out the reasons behind the drug abuse, he said.

The BKN officer was speaking at the Kg Luagan Dudok Community Hall yesterday during the “Monitor Our Children Programme” organised by the Information Department in collaboration with BKN and Tutong Mosque Affairs Department.

The community programme, which was held for the second time in Tutong, aimed to educate and disseminate information on the danger of drug abuse to members of the public, especially the parents.

“We are targeting mothers because they are closer to their children,” Md Izman told The Brunei Times, noting that teenagers between 15 and 18 years old are vulnerable to drug abuse.

The most common types of illegal drugs are syabu (methamphetamine) and ganja (marijuana).

“There is no specific age group for those abusing syabu. On the other hand, ganja is widely used in the world by 18-year-olds and above because of social media influences,” he said.

Md Izman said that communication is crucial especially to those who are still in the experimental stage.

“When the child is caught red-handed, parents are not advised to start shouting at them. Parents should be more open-minded to ensure that the children are not tangled by bad influences from friends,” he said.

Communication from parents can help in preventing young people who are in the experimental stage on drugs to become addicts, he said.

He said that psychological reason could be one of the factors for a child to abuse drugs, and it is important for parents to talk with the child to prevent him or her from further drug use.

He also cited that curiosity also tempts the young to try drugs.

According to an Information Department press statement, parents should be aware if they realise something suspicious about their children.

“One way that parents can do is to always share the effects of drug abuse with their children,” the statement said.

Present as guest of honour was Yang Berhormat Orang Kaya Maha Bijaya Hj Othman Uking, a member of the Legislative Council.

Over 100 members of the Mosque Muslimah of Mukim Keriam attended the programme.

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