6 Bruneians in Japan for study tour

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SIX Bruneian researchers yesterday departed for a 10-day work visit to Japan under the Brunei Economic Development Board’s (BEDB) Brunei Research Incentive Scheme (BRISc).

Researchers Nursyahidah Husna Hj Tarip, Nur Fajrini Matjalina, Hj Mohd Redza Hj Hussin, Muhd Amin Abu Bakar, Atiqah Md Ali and Mohd Zul Amali Hj Mahri are all postgraduate or doctorate students at Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD).

They will be observing, learning and understanding the work environment of the SMART Coat photo-catalytic paint industry at Japanese company Pixela Corporation.

According to a BEDB press statement, SMART Coat is an energy-saving photo-catalytic paint which will be used on surfaces such as roofs and walls of houses.

The paint, which reflects 85 per cent of sunlight energy, will prevent the increase of room temperature and will result in reduced amount of energy required for air-conditioning, it said.

It was previously reported that the SMART Coat development project is conducted between Pixela Corporation and PIALEX Technologies in collaboration with UBD.

In Japan, the Bruneian researchers will also visit factories of PIALEX Technologies, Daikin Industries Limited, Osaka University and other sites, including construction companies, universities and train stations that have applications of photo-catalytic paint originally developed by PIALEX Technologies.

Speaking to the members of the press, researcher Atiqah Md Ali said she was keen to be exposed to and “see first-hand” the technology used in Japan.

“Hopefully, we will be able to bring back what we see and develop something similar back in Brunei eventually, if not something even better,” Atiqah said.

For his part, Hj Mohd Redza Hj Hussin called the opportunity to go to Japan “a privilege”.

He said he is interested in witnessing the process of how the paint coating is made during their visit.

Pixela Corporation is one of the companies that is a successful recipient of research funding under BEDB’s BRISc.

BEDB first introduced BRISc in 2012 with the aim of attracting foreign companies to invest in Brunei. Apart from promoting production or manufacturing activities in the country, it also aims for the companies to set up their research labs and conduct research activities here.

The Brunei Times