SVSB students harness business skills

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TWENTY-EIGHT students from Sultan Bolkiah Vocational School (SVSB) are seizing the opportunity to sharpen their sales and marketing acumen by setting up retail booths at Belait's biggest shopping centre.

The second year cohort of Marketing and Business and Finance students are separated into four groups, each setting up their own booths yesterday at Sentral Shopping Centre to sell clothes, electronic accessories and food, among others.

Carl Leong Lok Wen, who is leading the “Stratecore” group selling mostly car accessories, said the location of Sentral was ideal to test out the theory they learnt in school in a contemporary market setting.

“Sentral is probably the most popular shopping centre in Belait at the moment, so we are taking the most of the opportunity to sharpen our sales pitch, and see what the Belait market is interested in,” said the 19-year-old.

All four booths are housed at the ground floor on Sentral and will be open every Wednesday, from 10am to 8pm, for the next six weeks.

“Our initial hours are from 10am to 5pm, but after speaking with Sentral management, who informed us that customer traffic picks up after 5pm, we decided to stay until 8pm to make the most experience,” he said.

Carl added that he has selected a number of novel car accessories, including a mini-portable fire extinguisher and removable spray paint for tyre rims to be sold at his team's booth.

“Our supply was purchased from my small family business in Seria, and we have chosen what we judged to be the most marketable,” he said.

Meanwhile Nabila Khairunnisa Said, team leader of “Existoso”, said that she has taken to her group's social media pages to raise awareness about their temporary six-week stint at Sentral.

“The majority of our phone accessories and other small electronics are either bought in bulk from a foreign wholesaler online or brought back when one of us goes on holiday,” she said.

The 25-year-old also said that “Existoso” has slowly build up an experience from smaller school fairs and markets, while also selling from their Instagram page.

“We are ready to test ourselves in this competitive environment, and use this experience to see what is currently in demand by Bruneians,” she added.

The booths represent the final-year project for all 28 students, who are currently taking National Diplomas.

Apart from Wednesday, the students will continue regular classes during the week.

The Brunei Times