Village leaders ready for family mediation

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COMMUNITY leaders are willing to help solve family disputes in a bid to promote harmony in the households in their villages.

Although family problems are normal, there will be times that intervention of community leaders will be needed to put an end to the spat, said Penghulu of Mukim Berakas B Pg Hj Ali Pg Maon on the sidelines of the National Family Day celebrations yesterday.

“Community leaders could act as a single person to help parties negotiate with one another; especially when there are frictions and in these times a community leader needs to be able to practice ‘diplomacy’,” he said.

He also said that being diplomatic means a community leader should be able to understand the problems and think of the best solution for the parties involved.

“For instance, when solving a quarrel among neighbours, one must also know how to calm them down and perhaps, to also teach them and the others the proper way on how they could tell or advise one another,” he said.

“Although sometimes there are problems that are difficult to be solved, we could at least _Tawakkal _and believe that it could be solved; every problem has its solution so be positive about it,” he added, reminding that ‘families’ around them will always be willing to help. Sharing the same sentiment, Hj Hamdani Omar, STKRJ Kg Lambak Kanan said village leaders should also know how to direct villagers’ problems to specific authorities besides being able to understand and give appropriate advices.

“Should it be financial, we can help convey their messages to the authorities and follow up their conditions while waiting for any actions to be taken. Should it be family matters, if they asked for help, we could be the middle person giving advice and counseling, so the opposing parties could negotiate with one another,” he added.

“Most importantly, we need to strengthen our bonds as neighbours. Living in a village means we are family to each other, so learn to care and cherish each other; for all we know, we may live together for a lifetime,” he said.

Hj Azamain Hj Kahar, head of Zone 5 RPN Lambak Kanan, said he had never encountered any community problems that could not be nicely solved in his 17 years of service.

“An advice I would give is that for a community leader to be honest, trustworthy, caring and can easily be reached by the villagers. These four criteria are what I think would make villagers live in harmony with one another, “ he added.

The Brunei Times